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"Praise The Sun"

Next gen hype train gone rogue

1043d ago ... So you take some unreleased consoles... Add a few teaspoons of bloodthirsty fanboys... Throw in some speculative articles that have absolutely no basis in the factual world... Finally, a sprinkle of shameless trolls who make ridiculous bold statements and pass their opinions off as facts. Listed above are the ingredients for my self-inflicted hair loss. Here I thought that gamers could possi...

Dark Souls II- How to make it the best game ever

1158d ago ... It's never been a secret how much I like Dark Souls. I've beaten it somewhere around 10-15 times and logged in over 500 hours playtime across both the PS3 and PC versions, yet still wanted more. The gameplay is simply unique and doesn't compare to any other games around right now. So, naturally, with the announcement of the next instalment in the franchise, you could imagine that I was quite...

Switchin' Over

1318d ago ... I've always been a Playstation man. Even when I was not a man. When I was but an infant, I rejoiced in having days of fun, running through the jungle as the little orange Bandicoot known as Crash. Memories of shedding actual tears as the evil Sephiroth took away one of my beloved Final Fantasy party members, while the most heartbreaking music played in the background. Then I witnessed the tr...

Yearly instalments: What about the games?

1483d ago ... Just as a little introduction, this is an issue which I am in two minds about. There could be much debate about this subject to which no end will ever be reached. What I aim to do is provide a picture of the gaming community's attitude towards yearly instalments as well as give you my analysis of why we have yearly instalments in the first place and how it affects my ability to enjoy a game....


1565d ago ... You know the kind of article I'm talking about. You see it year in, year out. "Game x Vs Game Y - a graphics comparison" "Which game wins this year's holiday season?" "5 reasons to buy/not to buy Game X" "Why this game reigns supreme/fails" "Why you should/shouldn't care about this game" Hell, you even get it with consoles and PCs, but you get the idea. So, we have these articles which appar...
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