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"Time is a flat circle."

Resistance Fall Of Man Online

3123d ago ... (Spoiler) I wanted to share something cool with people who have Resistance Fall of Man for the PS3. If you didn't already know you can unlock customizable characters by making your way up the ranks. You can also unlock the Cloven character through Resistance.net. The cloven I believe are the humans who were infected by the chimera but resisted like Nathan Hale. But it is speculated that the c...

Ryu vs Scorpion in Street Fighter Vs Mortal Kombat 2

3133d ago ... I just wanted to share great video about Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat. This thing just forces a smile on your face. I hope you enjoy It. The great fight between Ryu and Scorpion taken from Street fighter Vs Mortal Kombat 2. The story line is missing and you can watch the original flash animation at Newgrounds here. This is probably the best animated fighting sequence ever created with g...

Suggestions For N4G

3170d ago ... My first suggestion for news submissions would be to make it mandatory for contributors to approve or disapprove every single story. Yea, I know it sounds like a lot but things would actually go more smoothly in my opinion. A lot of stories don't reach N4G because its not even bothered with. The bulk of of the stories are mainly controversial. Which has its ups and downs. It would also help to...
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