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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and Damned: My Theory

2611d ago ... This is what I think the new downloadable content is if it wasn't announced yet, I haven't been following.

Impressions: PlayStation Home - Open Beta

2613d ago ... These are my thoughts on why I think Home is going to deliver on the promises.

Video Games: Multiplatform Comparisons

2677d ago ... This blog was written before the release of Grand Theft Auto IV and thought I should right about it.

Software Devlopment: Software Development Cycle

2677d ago ... I posted this so people can understand the purposes of each stage of the games to create less prejudice.

Society: Game Critics

2677d ago ... This is what I think critics everywhere should follow because I find even professionals make careless mistakes. An example would be sports games every year being the same score without valid reason(s).

Explanation: Gamers Defined

2677d ago ... This is just an explanation of why I altered / combined words into one word with a mixed meaning.

Society: Gamers Defined

2686d ago ... This is just my opinion on what should be defined as a "Casual Gamer" to a "Hardcore Gamer." I want people to debate whether my opinion stands and state why? If I forgot a gamer tell me what type of gamer I've left out.
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