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The Sad De-Evolution...

1443d ago ... I want to start off by saying that I'm 28 years old and that I've been playing videogames for pretty much all my life. You'll understand later why this information is relevant. For as far back as I can remember, it was the late 80s and video games were simple, kid oriented colorful adventures featuring super hero type characters trying to save some kind of world or princess. There were no re...

Delay Turismo 5

1751d ago ... What we thought was finally etched in stone, disappeared like it never happened. Obviously I’m talking about the release date of the most anticipated game of the Holiday season, Gran Turismo 5. Set for a November 2nd release in the US, it is now set for a Holiday 2010 release but no official date yet. Sony promised that it will see the light of day before 2011 hopefully to calm down the angry f...

Gaming taking a giant step back!

1860d ago ... E3 2010 is now a thing of the past and like every year I was really excited about what we were going to get to play in the next year and beyond. What I witnessed was in my opinion a giant step backwards and here’s why. Please take note that I didn’t attend E3 in person and that my opinion is based on what I saw from the G4 coverage and some of the internet coverage. Let’s start with Kinect....

Playstation Move, Natal, Wii: I'm not interested!!

1968d ago ... For those of you that don't know, Playstation Move, the new motion control mechanics for the PS3 was just unveiled officially at this year's GDC. It really looks like a similar (better) version of what the Wii is currently offering.

PS3 Price Cut Controversy

2184d ago ... The Playstation brand has been a strong one in the gaming industry for almost 15 years now. Many people view the PS3 as a failure because of the fact that Sony has gone from a dominant position in the industry to a distant third behind Nintendo and Microsoft. This sudden drop, according to industry followers, is caused mainly by the fact that the PS3 is over 100$ more expensive than the competi...

Project Natal = Fail

2239d ago ... My opinion on Project Natal
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