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ModNation Racers Post-Patch Impressions

1885d ago ... I bought ModNation racers a while ago, completed most of the campaign but then held off completing it because of the impending update - I thought playing without such awful load times might be more enjoyable. Well, two days ago patch 1.02 went live. How are the load times? Well, they are still long, but no longer unbearable. By Joystiq's calculations, the load times are 30% shorter than befo...

Buy Wipeout HD + Fury Now

2230d ago ... I try (in vein?) to get people to buy one of the greatest games of the generation.

Why Blu-ray Is Still Not Needed For Games

2236d ago ... This is my first blog post in a while - and this time around I'm dealing with an issue that's been in the news a lot lately. Both Rage and Final Fantasy XIII are said to use more than one disk for their 360 versions, as opposed to only one blu-ray disk.

The PS3 won't get universal invites - deal with it

2334d ago ... This blog post is mostly a reactionary rant to the almost constant demands of certain members of the playstation community.

Killzone 2 Review

2379d ago ... I take an in-depth look at Killzone 2, spoiler-free, in a review using my new scoring system.

Out of Infinity - A New Review Score System

2379d ago ... I describe a new scoring system that will form the basis of my future reviews.

Dispelling the Killzone 2 Myths

2427d ago ... There has been an unnecessary and unprecedented amount of anti-hype for Killzone 2. I'm here to put a lot of the myths to rest.
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