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"Dont take my comments seriously"

Why Video Games Should Stay a Sport

1589d ago ... An article recently has brought up this blog So why should games be considered a sport? If kicking, smacking, throwing, a ball into a hole, goal, etc.. to score a point is considered a sport then why not games? Running in a straight line for 100m, speed reading, board games, etc... are sports as well so why...

How unlockable content has slowly died

1653d ago ... Unlockables, they were once a thing that was in almost every game. Even early 7th gen we had unlockables but what happened? Pre-order bonuses is what happened. What you once could get for free by unlocking it you now had to buy the game early to get the unlockable. Pre-order bonuses did not just take over right away. They slowly took over and has now become a way to rip off gamers. Pre-or...
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