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My Highlights of Nintendo’s Direct Livestream Conference

1326d ago ... Last week was Nintendo’s first ever live online conference. Before the show we were aware that there’d be no new Wii U information, which considering the amount we got at E3 only 3 weeks ago, seems fair. There were, however, plenty of 3DS and Wii announcements- a few in particular caught my eye. Animal Crossing 3DS 4 years after its previous Wii iteration, the wildly popular Animal Crossing...

Corporate Capcom Conundrum!

1852d ago ... *Disclaimer – You may find the following content to be bullshit. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? No. That was my train of thought upon discovering that Capcom was blatantly plagiarising indie gem ‘Splosion Man. Released in 2009 exclusively for XBLA, the development company Twisted Pixel took their game to Capcom initially, but it was rejected. The similarities between the original title and Ca...
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