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Ancient Reviews: V1.

2600d ago ... 3 Reviews. GTA1: 5.25 Super Spy Hunter: 8.5 Road Rash II: 7.5

My Idea For A New Castlevania Game

2602d ago ... I have an idea for a PS3/360/Wii Castlevania game. See Body.

Trick for Blood Omen 2: Get more life

2607d ago ... I'm turning my blog into a tipster area and my first trick is to get a longer life bar in Blood Omen 2 (PS2)

Bring GTA 4 to Wii already!!

2610d ago ... I don't understand why Rockstar and Take 2 won't bring GTA 4 to wii because I know it can be done.

Now, what's the BEST game you've ever played?

2628d ago ... I want to know what your favorite game is. Mine are Mario Bros. 3 (NES), Castlevania: Symphony of The Night (PS1) and FFVIII (PS1) I couldn't decide between the 3. What is your favorite game or games?

How come Movies being made into video games never works?

2629d ago ... Video games based on movies never live up to their true potential. Why?

What Is the WORST game you have ever played?

2629d ago ... The 2 worst games I have ever played are E.T and Grand Prix both on the Atari 2600. What's yours?

How would you feel if a new Sega system was released? Would you buy it?

2633d ago ... I think that a new Sega System would be great as long as Sega has FINALLY learned from their past mistakes.

Xbox 360 or PS3?

2633d ago ... Which do you think is better: a PS3, or an Xbox 360?

Why is Wii getting treated like a PS2?

2633d ago ... It's an injustice to treat a Wii like a PS2, because a Wii is much better!

A Wii with PS3/Xbox360 graphics. Can it be done?

2635d ago ... I want to know if you think the Wii will ever be able to compete with the 360/PS3 in terms of graphics.
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