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Western Media Bias, The Evidence.

1825d ago ... A lot of people on here are always claiming media bias when a review or article doesn't favor their opinion. Now I've never bought into any conspiracy theories but evidence is piling up and recently, perhaps due to the release of Killzone 3, there has been a slew of anti-Sony articles attempting to counter the fantastic year the PS3 has lined up. Makes me think twice when I read the mad consp...

Kinect Changes Nothing.

1928d ago ... Kinect, it's everywhere, I can't step into a game store without the words "have you pre-ordered yours yet?" hitting me with a condescending tone. With every poster, advert and overly pushy sales person I can see Microsoft's $500m ticking away, like coal on the fire of ignorant consumerism. There's something very dirty about the marketing for Kinect, as if the boundary between the manufactur...

Genuine reasons I think PS3 is better than 360

1938d ago ... Graphics I don't need to say how much better the graphics on PS3 are compared to 360, there's a whole string of exclusive 1st party titles that do that for me. The argument that multi-plats look better on 360 has become a myth now that developers are choosing to lead on PS3... as they always should have. Sound HDMI as standed since launch has enabled greater sound quality on your aver...

Kinect Will Probably Fail As A Gaming Device

2022d ago ... Its 1989, I'm quite young and impressionable and New Kids On The Block are number 1. I notice an ad, flickering provocatively on the TV, it's a new piece of technology that promises to revolutionize the way I play games. Fast forward to the early 90s, I'm a little older and a little wiser, another ad catches my attention. This time promising to...
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