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"I hate lame video game character run animations. Yes, I'm looking at you Mass Effect 2."

Black Friday Strategy - N4G Edition

1414d ago ... Brief Intro to Black Friday Black Friday is a paradoxical time of greed, lust and thriftiness. It is a microcosm for the avarice of a materialistic culture as well as a time to find really good prices. I know some of you have been looking at the Black Friday ads lately and are interested in joining in on the biggest shopping day of the year. Going in as a virgin or even someone with only...

The Worst Thing About Collector's Editions

1450d ago ... A collector's edition of a video game comes with two things. You have the basic game itself as well as the additional content (in the form of a special outside box, artbook, soundtrack etc). In a sense, when I buy the collector's edition of a video game I should have the standard version of the game (that all the less-fanatical people buy) and as well as the bonus stuff I'm paying anywhere fr...

News is Ruining My Game Experience

1465d ago ... A man visits his therapist. "So what is troubling you today?" "Well, it may sound like a trivial thing, but I am no longer having fulfillment with the thing I like to do most." "Well, this is definitely not trivial. The intimacy between a man and woman is a biologically important thing as well as..." "Doctor, I'm talking about video games." "...*Ahem* Yes, well, why do you think...

Features That ALL Video Games Should Have (Part 1)

1530d ago ... I am a realist, or as some people like to say, a pessimist, when it comes to video games and everything else. Sure, I have moments of happiness but the majority of my time in video games comes from criticizing them to the point where I never want to play them again. Nitpicking in particular is a big hobby of mine. I’ve compiled a list of seemingly small (but very major) things that ALL vide...
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