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Official N4G Art Contest 2010 Winners Announced!

1858d ago ... First off, I would like to thank the community and staff for their participation and support. Each contestant has submitted works of great quality which we were able to bear witness to. This was by far, without a doubt, the most fierce and competitive year in the history of N4G. The results were very close with many competitors neck and neck. Without any further delay, now is the time to announ...

Reminder: N4G Art Contest Deadline Approaching

1874d ago ... As a reminder, the cutoff date for submission entry is right around the corner. For those that were initially turned off by the requirements, I would recommend reviewing the updated prerequisites. They go as the following: 1. N4G Membership. 2. A minimum forum post count of 10. Check the thread with helpful links to bring up your count. 3. A valid e-mail address to provide residenti...
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