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My Kickstarter Nightmare: Soul Saga Edition

670d ago ... UPDATE: created a thread on NeoGAF earlier this evening it's gotten quite a few responses, both sides of the fence, but still quite a civil discussion going on: ----- So today I was banned from the Soul Saga (DisasterCake) forum ; This came as a surprise since I'm generally a quiet and fair memb...

Monster Rancher + PlayStation Vita = Win

1421d ago ... First, a quick introduction of what Monster Rancher is for those who don't know: Quote: "In Monster Rancher, one takes the role of a monster breeder whose goal is to raise monsters to fight in tournaments. The breeder must take it in hand to raise the monster throughout its life, training it, keeping it healthy, making an exercise schedule, and trying to maximize its abilities before it die...

Assassin's Creed for PSP Petition: 20k+ Signatures

2764d ago ... Months in the making, my little petition started late last year surpassed 20,000 signatures early this morning. I will attempt to contact Ubisoft again now that the petition has reached 20,000 signatures, an impressive number no matter how you look at it.
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