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PSN PASS Trial???

1603d ago ... So there's been a lot of hate and heated discussion regarding the new PSN PASS. Now I am by no means against it as I mostly buy new and rarely rent or buy used (games with online anyway) and support devs that I respect. But I just think the whole PASS is being implemented wrong. Now this blog mostly applies to those who buy used and also for those who rent. Blocking you from playing a shred...

Lets talk RAGE!!!

1661d ago ... ID Software, the giant behind masterpieces such as Doom and Quake, are releasing their newest IP, RAGE, on September 13th on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. But will the game live up to today's standards after the company (ID) has been tucked away since Doom 3? After watching almost every trailer/gameplay video on RAGE, the game is sure to impress, though there are some arising questions that leave m...
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