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PS4, Wii U & Xbox - Next Destination E3 2013

1079d ago ... Industry heads and Developers alike agree Sony did what they set out to do, reveal the PS4. Sony has gotten the hype swinging into motion as a staggering (estimated) 7.5 million viewers watched the PS4 event at any one time. Sections of the gaming community were slightly disappointed as to why Sony did not show actual PS4 hardware, but we’ll get into more on that later... Myself personall...

Nintendo Wii U... Generation behind or pioneer of a new generation?

1165d ago ... The UK release of Nintendo's Wii U is imminent. This article's aim is to help those still undecided whether to take the plunge for the Nintendo Wii U or stick it out with this current generation, Sony's PS3 and/or the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. It is no secret both Sony and Microsoft are preparing an onslaught, and their next consoles are expected 2013/2014. Nintendo has for the first time...
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