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I'm young, and don't enjoy playing video games that much.

912d ago ... (Note: I posted this on AP Forums under the name ShinigamiKing, so don't think I'm a troll.) I'm young, yet I don't enjoy playing video games that much. Whether it's God of War, Uncharted, Final Fantasy, DBZ/Naruto games, NFL Street, Madden, or Angry Birds, I don't seem to truly enjoy playing video games, at least not the way others do. I like going on forums like NeoGaf and seeing discus...

Should Console Games Move on to Art, While Mobile Games Take Their Place?

1058d ago ... All these touch games - Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Racing Moto - Aren't these technically true video games, at least by definition? Brilliant games such as Final Fantasy VII, Dark Souls,Journey, or Xenoblade Chronicles - What "Gamers" love about gaming in general, well, really aren't games - they're much more. Of course, millions of gamers would kill me for saying what I said in the first sen...

New Wii U commercial shows problem with Wii U marketing as a whole

1197d ago ... If you've seen the commercial Nintendo ( released on November 1st, chances are, you might think it's better than the UK ad. Chances are you might think it's good. Chances are, you think it's a good commercial with bad music, and chances are, you think it's an all around bad commercial. A major problem with the ad is that it makes...

The Key To the Wii U's Success

1218d ago ... Graphics. Really? Yes. The Graphics are the key. If people find that the PS4 and 720 aren't large leaps in appearance for their games, then third-party devlopers will be willing to put their games the same way on the Wii U, because of its iPad style controller, which will and kind of already has people attracted, and also can open up new experiences. With third party support, people will pro...
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