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Five ways Sony can bounce back Next-Gen

1207d ago ... I get a lot of hate from Sony fanboys in the comments I leave on Sony articles. Most may think I hate Playstation products the way I come off sometimes, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. I've enjoyed many Playstation games and for the most part all of Sony's consoles. I'm just a realist. I am not an easily persuaded, mind controlled fanboy. I tell it how it is. If I like one ga...

Black Ops 2 scorestreak system is a bad idea

1232d ago ... Treyarch and Activision are trying to sell fans that Black Ops 2 is the biggest change since Call of Duty 4, and it may be, but that is not saying much, so don't be fooled by the play on the words. As a fan, I'd rather hear.."This is the best game since Call of Duty 4" but I doubt we'll hear that. Change is only good when you're changing for the better. After doing some dissecting with Black...
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