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Resident Evil Racist? I Should Say NOT!

2273d ago ... Resident Racism Rumors Run Rampant! Okay, that was fun. But seriously, certain people have been accusing RE 5 of being racist. I submit why it really isn't.

Should Reviews Stay Final Anymore?

2465d ago ... Games can now be improved post release. Should review scores change to reflect improvements?

Valve: Updates, No PS3, and Fat Jokes.

2466d ago ... Immaturity levels skyrocket at announcement of Xbox exclusive DLC.

Too Human: Sony fans favorite Xbox game?

2469d ago ... Too Human made me realize that fanboyism isn't good for anyone... well, maybe the companies, but that's a blog post for a different time.

Braid: A Worthy Investment

2475d ago ... The 4 reasons why Braid is a game that deserves your attention, and your hard earned dollars.
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