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The Next PS3 Flop?

2254d ago ... Is MAG the next PS3 flop?

Prototype, Infamous, and Red Faction, Which One Leads the Pack?

2433d ago ... Which sandbox game stands out as the best from these three titles?

Will The PS3 Rule The MMO Genre?

2572d ago ... Massively multiplayer online games have always thrived on the PC. For a number of reasons however MMOs have not made such a great transition to consoles. Yet this gen seems to be the start of many great MMO releases on consoles. So far, the PS3 and Xbox360 seem to both have promising upcoming titles but which console seems to have a lead in the genre?

Is Home Really Boring?

2605d ago ... According to most articles Home isn't what many expect it to be. However, is it a matter of not understanding the concept or is it that Sony just threw something free into PSN?
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