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"Back Again"

Clinton Attacks Video Games

1122d ago ... Although conservative outlets such as Fox News tend to get more flack and attention for having anti-video game sentiments, there are those on the left who also seem to misunderstand video games. Hillary Clinton provides a good example of how this anti-video game sentiment seems to be a problem on both sides of the aisle. Somewhat infamous for starting an anti-video game coalition in congress...

Glenn Beck on Video Games

1130d ago ... Already known for his extreme right wing views (even by American Standards), Glenn Beck added to his infamy by stating that pop culture in general, including video games, television and music were all responsible for the "general downfall of American society". Beck brings up two primary points in order to justify his desire to control/ban violent video games: The level of violence and sexual...

Fox News' Bias Against Video Games (pt.1)

1597d ago ... In the several years I have spent on this website, I have seen many stories about attempts to censor video games in many countries. From seemingly censor happy Australia to the relatively censorship free United Kingdom, the world seems engulfed in a debate over the role of video games in society. Fortunately for American gamers, the U.S. Supreme Court recently declared video games to be protect...
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