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Rare Where?

709d ago ... Sometimes, not very often, a developer comes along that conquers the technology of the time perfectly. Rare were one of the first. If that pun made you smile then you already know where this article is going. If you are anything like me, this will already be making you feel a little dead inside. Before all that though, there was Donkey Kong Country. I know Battletoads came before that an...

VGAs GOTY Happy Nomination Shock

1180d ago ... Something quite amazing has happened in the world of video games. A video game award show, that has the public opinion of being a glorified trailer exhibit, has done the unthinkable. I’m talking about the VGAs game of the year nominations. Before I get down to the main topic of this article, lets first look at what has not been nominated for goty. There is no Halo 4, which judging by th...

Is Agent GTA 5? UPDATE!!!

2084d ago ... I've been pondering this for a long long time and with so little known about Agent, it's starting to seem a little bit possible. Firstly, it's already well known that Agent is being made because Microsoft paid Take 2 $75 million in order to make GTA4 multiplatform and the DLC a timed exclusive. If Microsoft found out that GTA5 was going to be a PS3 exclusive they would probably throw double...

Sonic Rant

2176d ago ... This is an article I wrote for my page The Ranting Gamer about the ongoing pain I have felt as an avid Sonic fan.

Pedestal Games Rant

2193d ago ... This is an article that I published on my facebook page The Ranting Gamer. It's about those games that are remembered as being so amazing no other game can compete with them and how they might not be as good as you remember.
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