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GTAV and why I am happy it has been pushed back

1100d ago ... I have been been searching the web just like everyone else has, desperately trying to find out new information on the game. What features my be implemented, locations to visit or really anything I can speculate in my head as im so eagerly waiting for this game. Just as everyone else, I was disappointed to hear that the game had been pushed back, however I can understand why it was and im happ...

DLC. What have we created?

1100d ago ... I have been gaming for a while now and seen everything evolves quite a bit. My first console was a Super Nintendo and I have never stopped since then, and I have to say it have been a pretty spectacular ride. Every time gaming took a step forward it seemed to always improve. With every console or new piece of hardware came nicer looking games, more capabilities with new game engines and wh...
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