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DBZ kinect game idea

1455d ago ... This is just something my friends and I were talking about that would be a good idea for a kinect game. I’m not sure if those who are reading this know but kinect is like a perfect fit in for fighting games like street fighter or soul caliber. When I’m online I usually talk and brainstorm ideas for games that would work for kinect and one game me and my friends came up with is a DBZ game....

why is kinect being given such a harsh treatment?

1458d ago ... As a kinect enthusiast I am a constant supporter of kinect and if something bad do happen I try to assess the reasons for the problem and comment on what could or should have been done. The thing that hits me the hardest though is when I see a bunch of comments about how it sucks and this and that when it’s clearly been proven that it can have 1:1 recognition and do other cool things. This is o...
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