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"PS3 gaming is ONLY my hobby not my way of life"

Valkyria Chronicles Episode 1 Torrent.

2424d ago ... VC anime dlownload link.

PS Home Club for the N4G PS3 Community, All are invited!!!

2537d ago ... N4G PS3 Community, Your Club house in PDS Home is here, Courtesy of SVG-PLAYERS, and Sevir04/SEVIREDgamer

MotorStorm:Pacific Rift Demo Impressions From Sevir04

2629d ago ... Well, the well coveted demo to MotorStorm:Pacific Rift, the sequel to the PS3's first Game to sell over 3 million world wide, was finally released exclusively to the Playstation 3 online magazine Qore subscribers, both annual and issue only purchasers. Does it own up? Is it an improvement above the original? Is it better than Pure? Sit back and let me give you my Hands on impression from the pr...

Local Retailers and MGS4/Online

2819d ago ... Retailers Have Got the info on MGS4, So get out and pre order

Fanboys Are Funny Creatures

2836d ago ... Why is it that fankids have to go so low?

The Biggest fankids work at EB games/Gamespot

2848d ago ... Have You ever When To your favourite gamestop to buy a Game only to get into an argument with a over zealous and diehard xbot/sonydriod/WiiTard?
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