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"If you think what i write is somewhat quality you should friend/track me :), ill do so in return,"

Move VS. Killzone 3: The first step

1761d ago ... 0 Kills, 12 Deaths 2 Kills, 9 Deaths 5 Kills, 20 Deaths And it went on, going from the dualshock 2 to the playstation move in a first person shooter like killzone 3 is not entirely the easiest thing i've done, in fact i expected to be able to play better with the move, having played MAG and Modern combat with it, i seriously thought i had it down, sadly that was not the case with this, hav...

Wait.. so.. that makes me a fanboy?

2011d ago ... (!!WARNING!!: Long post is long..i think lol) Alright well i figured i would post this because well.. i am just not sure if this makes any sense to me, like at all, none, but whatever, now i have been gaming for a long while now and it is my favorite thing to do when theres nothing going on, i simply love gaming as a time killer and a hobby, nothing more, nothing less, i define myself as the...
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