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"" Did you see that Shinji "?"

Defending IGN: Why the IGN hate is unneccesary and overexaggerated.

1646d ago ... People hate IGN. Almost every review that they make gets some kind of backlash from gamers. I've never seen some gamers despise game reviewers as much as IGN before. However, I'm here to kind of defend them.. to a certain extent. The short version, gamers hatred of IGN is unnecessary and overexaggerated. I can admit there has been some B.S. moments in some of IGN's reviews. They also can be a l...

My problem with Open World/Sandbox games.

1670d ago ... Within each generation of consoles there has always been that recurring trend. We gamers are constantly being told by developers that their game will have us immersed. As technology improved, one of the biggest ways that this was displayed was by giving us an open world/sandbox game; and with good reason. Open World games gave players a nonlinear way of approaching missions. They gave player...

Why the concern for Mass Effect 3?

1696d ago ... Mass Effect 3 is currently my most anticpated video game to date and it will most likely stand that way until it comes out. I played through the first two in the series multiple times. With that said I am eager to see how my decisons play out. However, when it comes to changes in certain video games there will always be people displeased with what they see. It seems as though Mass Effect's new...

What's worst, COD fanboys or COD haters?

1706d ago ... Gamers despise COD fanboys almost as much if not more than console fanboys. I know I can't personally stand hearing someone utter that oh so provoking phrase, "It looks just like Call of Duty". However I am starting to notice that anti COD gamers can be just as annoying as the actual COD fanboys. Here are a few examples. Yesterday I decided to get back into Killzone 2 because a few of my fri...

Why do you participate in the console war?

1720d ago ... Okay, so earlier this week I decided to purchase an xbox 360 slim from off of I had previously been a PS3 only user for quite sometime. However, I was missing out on some games that I wanted to play such as Alan Wake and Left 4 Dead 2. I was also really surprised and intrigued by the Gears 3 Beta. I had alot of disposable cash so I thought why not? After getting my 360...

6 tips for adapting to any online multiplayer game.

1767d ago ... I'm sure you guys are familiar with the online learning curve. This is when you buy a game either months or even a year at the most after the game releases and you find yourself getting hammered online. You know the maps, you know how to use each weapon, but you just can't seem to get the hang of what the hell is going on. Having played most FPS titles such as Killzone, Battlefield, Halo, Black...
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