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Expecting Too Much

2941d ago ... Why does everyone expect so much from Sony?it's like every game that comes out for the system people are looking to trash them.My case in point would be Heavenly Sword,this game is awesome it not only has great game-play but the cinematic experience is unrivaled with some of the best voice acting I've heard to date for any console! let's not forget the music score, superb to say the least. Yes...

The greatness of BioShock

2958d ago ... We have all been treated to a gaming goodness last week with release of Bioshock,this game has taken our industry into a new stratusphere.The impact that this game has made on Me just justifies my love for gaming and also gives me reason to explain to my Wife why I stay up till 3;am every night playing games.This is truly a remarkable time to be a gamer and I can't wait to see what the uture h...
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