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"there is a spoon"

VGR Release News Updates 8/31

1988d ago ... Hey everybody! Im here to share some of the latest changes to some upcoming games you may have been looking forward to for god know's how long. I hardly ever have the extra time to write release blogs but there were a few games dated recently that I have been waiting on for a while that inspired me to share with those around me. But since I don't usually try to spread the word with my bl...

TBA Heaven

2003d ago ... All good things come to those that wait... Thats a phrase we have all heard before once in our lives am I right? Well its a good one and when it comes to video games it can be all that stands between a crappy game and fantastic one. In my last blog I ranted a bit about Online Retailers and there methods and reasons behind listing inaccurate Release Dates. This time I want to rant a bit abou...


2117d ago ... Considering the fact that you are reading this blog means your a Gamer who happens to read Gaming news, am I right? Well that is the whole reason for naming this blog TBA Hell! Let me explain... We are what some would refer to as "Gaming Enthusiast!" You might be asking yourself what exactly a Gaming Enthusiast is and trust me don't bother trying to figure that out, cause most likely i...

mini FolkLore review gets no Love in the the Forums

3027d ago ... This was a mini review I wrote up for FolkLore and posted in the N4G Forums. It got no attention :( I assume it will go unnoticed here as well.. but hey, At least I tried!
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