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Your favourite video game music/tune & why?

312d ago ... What makes good video game music? Its different to all people, to me good video game music is about Nostalgia and emotion. If the music/theme brings out emotions then that's what I consider good. The last I made an article like this was 1 year ago. This is an improved version. Here are my top 10 favourite and the reason why, I also like giving stats and ratings to everything: Honourable m...

Whats your favourite video game developer of all time?

329d ago ... Who is your favourite game development company and why? Some Honorable mentions: •Kojima productions: for constantly making quality Metal Gear Solid games •Capcom in the 90's and early 2000-2005: for Resident Evil 4, Street fighter, Breath of Fire. •Atlus: for Persona 4, Persona 3 •Rockstar North: GTA •Rare in the 90's: for Godleneye 007, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong, Jet Force Gemini •S...

PS4 doomed to have only few games? Worrying trend

336d ago ... PlayStation has a library of 2,418 games and PS2 had 3870 games. It took $5-$10 million to develop a PS2 game versus $0.8 million-$1.7 million for the original PlayStation [source: sciencedirect] . In June 2009 Ubisoft reiterated that major titles for PS3/X360 cost $20-$30 million to make and that games for the next-generation may exceed $60 million [source:edge-online]. It is common sense t...

Yoichi Wada fired by Square Enix ! Now future of Square Enix and JRPG's will be better?

580d ago ... Square Enix had an election and decided to fire the mad dog Yoichi Wada, rest is history. But is this good or bad for gamers in terms of quality and the company in terms of profit. http://n4g.com/news/1220659/ex-square-enix-developer-writes-defense-of-recently-axed-boss A scientific study showed that if you took the CEOs with the best track records and brought them in to run the businesse...

JRPG's - will the new generation be different?

580d ago ... When Square Enix went onto the fuc*ing podium at Sony's PS4 conference. I expected them to show that its different for them this time in this new generation, that this generation they will make good games not repeat the same mistakes as the past. I expected a surprise and I was surprised. But in a bad way. They just showed a tech demo we already saw 1 year ago, it was a joke. Here's why I th...

Will Microsoft Support The Xbox 720 In Japan?

666d ago ... Xbox 360 failed horribly in Japan. Knowing Microsoft, they hate losing and wont give up, the best example of this is in the saying "If you cant beat them, join them", but in Microsoft's case its "If you cant beat them, buy them". Microsoft couldn't compete with Skype or Yahoo, so they decided to go out and buy them. My idea is that Microsoft will try really hard next gen to get Japan to l...

Top 10 best video game music/themes and why?

707d ago ... What makes good video game music? Its different to all people, to me good video game music is about Nostalgia and emotion. If the music/theme brings out emotions then that's what I consider good. Here are my top 10 favourite and the reason why, I also like giving stats and ratings to everything: Honourable mentions: -Ryu Hayabusa theme Ninja Gaiden , -Chrono Trigger frogs theme, -Sky...

Is the JRPG genre dying?

712d ago ... Just take a look at this data I compiled using Gamerankings and VGChartz. It doesn't look good for the JRPG genre... Why has there been such a sudden decline? Is it because of Xenophobia? I wonder what Western RPG's are doing right that Japanese dev's aren't. Maybe Western RPG's are easier to get into and more suited for casual gamers. American RPG's have adapted to the market? On the oth...

Would Square Enix be better off if they were split up ?

715d ago ... The value of SE now is less than the what the value of Squaresoft was when it went bankrupt. This is from Kotaku: "With Square Enix posting losses in its latest earnings, former Square Co. boss Hisashi Suzuki thought this would be good a time as any to kick the company while it is down. Via Twitter, Suzuki didn't hold back, claiming that the total value of publicly traded stock is not hig...

Most wanted games unlikely to be made ෴

719d ago ... This is my top 10 list, what is yours ? Note that the list doesn't include games such as Persona 5, FF15 or MGS5, as they are games that have either been announced or guaranteed to be made. Some honourable mentions: -New Suikoden game -New XenoGears -Pokemon Console rpg -Vanquish 2 Lets get started:

End of video games as we know it?

738d ago ... Game development costs are increasing

What happened to JRPG genre this gen? And how to fix it ?

838d ago ... Final Fantasy VII came out in 1997. Fans treated the game as if it was sacred, the game was one of the finest Final Fantasy games ever. Back then, Japanese role playing games (JRPG's) was the genre to beat. 15 years on and JRPG's have lost their charm and appeal to so many people, or has it? Intro's aside, lets get straight to the point… Developers have made their mistakes, this is the s...

Anime had big influence on video games -Miyamoto

840d ago ... We already know anime has had a big influence on pop culture in the last decade. For example, once i had a training job at school and was assigned with some art students...when asked to draw a realistic person or animal most of the students would end up drawing in the same anime inspired way. It was like it was in their genes to do so even though the art teachers had never taught a lesson ab...

Whats wrong with the newer FF games?

847d ago ... To be frank, the last good FF game I played is FF10. Lets be honest, FF10 was the last FF that most FF fans would agree is a good game. But everything after that FF12, FF13 & FF13-2 all had a very mixed reception, and I doubt the majority of the old FF fans, liked those games. Heres some things I identified which are wrong with these games according to many people:

Whats wrong with SE? From asking fortune tellers for advice to mediocre games

852d ago ... There once was a company called Squaresoft. Squaresoft builds a company from ground up which gets an excellent reputation for quality, then Yoichi Wada comes along and starts destroying the company from top to bottom, until its down to the levels of a sewer.... Here are some crazy things which have come from this companies employees: (1) Yoichi Wada moved Square Enix's offices/headquarter...

Suikoden 2-highest rated game on metacritic by userscore, why doesn't Konami put it on PSN?

885d ago ... Since their are very few quality JRPG's this gen, i decided to go back to the past and play some quality retro JRPG games. Suikoden 2 is one of them. If you want to play Suikoden 2 on consoles, you need to fork out $50-$100 as this game is rare and Konami refusing to put it on PSN doesn't help much either. Its also the highest rated game on metacritic by user score (which is only counted...

What makes a good Final Fantasy game

933d ago ... Most would agree that FF4-10 were good Final Fantasy games, and the pinnacle of the series was FF6-10. But what do most of them games have in common that FF11-14 dont (or lack)? Discluding the online games we can observe that FF6-10 all have the following (in order of least importance):

Top 10 JRPG games that are not FF

935d ago ... I made a blog post before of the TOP 10 JRPG's here: http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/ranma1/519805 5 of the games were Final Fantasy, here are the Top 10 JRPG games of all time discluding Final Fantasy. Honourable mentions: 16. Xenoblade 15. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together & Ogre Battle 64 14. Skies of Arcadia 13. Chrono Cross 12. Pokemon Cyrstal 11. Grandia

Top 10 JRPG games, back when JRPG's used to be Awesome

937d ago ... A long time ago JRPG's used to use a simple formula, which consisted of epic and unique stories with interesting and strategic battle systems, optional hard bosses and mini games, it was a guaranteed success. But now the JRPG developers have ignored these formulas and the genre is having some trouble on consoles. Honourable mentions: 12. Secret of Mana 11. Dark Cloud 1 & 2
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