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"Sly 4, Bioshock Infinite, the last of us, tearaway, killzone mercernaries 2013 you look sexy"

Why I play: Uncharted 3's MP

816d ago ... Uncharted 3. When you read that, Im sure you'll be thinking bout Nathan Drake and his adventures in the sand. Surely, you wouldnt be thinking bout its multiplayer. Well, Im writing this blog here to change that. Whenever you see the name Uncharted 3, I want you to remember not only of its pretty grand single player, I want you to remember its pretty dang fun mutliplayer. Here's some of the reas...

20th February, whats coming?

1104d ago ... See the future? Sure wish i could. Like Sony's usual antics, they've released a teaser for an upcoming date. This one being the 20th of February, the date for the supposed reveal of the PS4. But wait, is it the PS4 though? Sony hasnt exactly confirmed anything, just the usual hype from people online and unconfirmed rumors. I for one a...

Thinking about PS4

1734d ago ... Before reading, I'd like to clarify that I do not know anything confirmed about the next playstation. By the way, you are probably going to see the letters P and S a whole lot. Also, if you don't want to read the post explaining things, summed up points are available at the bottom for those who TL;DR. Ok, ever since news of a new Nintendo console broke out, I couldn't help but think about th...

Just to clarify about the 'Welcome Back' gift

1747d ago ... Sweet goodness, PSN is finally returning this week! A date hasn't been set but I have been reading here and there that it'll be returning by 3rd May. Hopefully. Seeing as the sooner it comes, the better. So, what do PS owners expect to see in the newly rebuilt PSN? Nothing much but a 'Welcome Back' package. Sony, respectfully has decided to reimburse PSN users with a goodwill prize in the fo...
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