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"Home of the soft-core gamer."

Gaming and Surround Sound

1864d ago ... We have been told for many years that for movies, that the picture is important but also the sound. Without good sound reproduction we are only getting 50% of the movie going experience, for both at home and at the theater. Well, I feel the exact same way for video games. Without a good surround system you are getting only half the experience when your playing your favorite video games....

I Hate Videogames

1917d ago ... What’s with videogames these days? On one hand, they are much better than those of yesteryear, and on the other hand, they are turning our kids, friends and families into virtual zombies. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have some deep seated hatred for videogames; quite the opposite, in fact, I love videogames, if the truth be told. I even co-own a website,, that caters to peop...

Trophy Collector: Part III - Excuses, excuses

1990d ago ... here's the deal... I don't think anything good has ever come from that sentence when used at the beginning of a letter. And, it's no different here. Remember when I so boldly gave the prediction that I want to hit 500 trophies before 2011 hits?'s the deal...As it stands, I now have 285 trophies; only 25 more than the day I posted my first blog about trophy hunting. Based...

Trophy Collector: Part II - The Dark Passenger

1994d ago ... When we last met our fearless and heroic trophy hunter we were introduced to a man with an addiction. A man with no fear. A man with a taste of victory. A man who was sober. In this episode, we pick up approximately four days later and trophy collector man (that's me) is sitting in the exact same chair, at the exact same table, where he hashed out Part I of his dark passenger chronicles. Le...

Trophy Collector: Part I - Introduction

1997d ago ... There are two things that I have recently admitted to being addicted to: one is coke (that's Coca-Cola) and the other is Trophies for the PS3. I can't help it; I need more trophies for my (virtual) collection. I want them to adorn my wall like the heads of many an animal in the library of an avid hunter. I need to earn trophies. I am crazy for them, and I'm not even that good at getting the...

Will Move, Move Us?

1998d ago ... I have a strange feeling that things may drastically change when we use PlayStation Move with first person shooters. Here is the trick; will Move users have an unfair advantage against players with normal controllers? I say a definite yes. When SOCOM and Killzone 3 get released I think multiplayer gaming may get ugly. The ugly will be put upon the people with controllers, with the accuracy...

How a trailer will change everything

2001d ago ... I first have to preface this blog by saying that I love trailers. The movie kind, not the kind you attach to your car. As long as I can remember, trailers have always been a part of my life and is something I always want to share with family and friends. Barely a day goes by without me watching a new trailer or re-visiting an old one. I even pester my family with questions of "have you seen...

So who "won" at the E3 Expo anyway?

2066d ago ... Now that the 2010 E3 Expo big media conferences have finished, the big question now is: Who Won? In a simple two word answer: The gamer! Now the real fun begins, as gamers and critics and bloggers (myself included) litter the internet on who did what and why it worked (or didn’t work) and who came out on top. Every year, deciding who 'won' E3 is a fairly simple question, but to me, i...

Domination Frustration

2123d ago ... The frustration of Capture the Flag irks an online gamer.

Levelling Up of a Noob.

2124d ago ... A first person point of view of his attempts to play and gain wisdom of a popular first person shooter.

Modern Warfare 2 is no longer for Hardcore Gamers

2144d ago ... Modern Warfare 2, once the preeminate FPS is no longer considered a hardcore game due to it's simple and easy gameplay and
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