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Generation 7. The death of the gamer

2544d ago ... One has to stop and look at the average gamer to see that we are no longer in a world of enjoyment and playful spirits but are in an age of spitefulness and critics.

Who likes dusting?

2957d ago ... Consoles are nice but you don't have to put your sole attention to the game with a good handheld game.

The Age Old Debate!

2977d ago ... RPG or FPS... here are a few points between the two for you to think about

A Gamers Reflection

2982d ago ... As most of you know I enjoy all the systems and buy basically any game that'll come out. Still I've come to a certain conclusion that having this ability to enjoy them all it still doesn't mean you won't get haters.

But Nintendo doesn't count….

2985d ago ... I was under the impression that they both played games, they both have ways to play older games, and they both have this ability to plug into the TV for a fight of shelving space just like the 360. Wii is also only 250 while the others are rather higher up on the price point. Now how is that not part of competition? I believe they can even call it a competitive price point. So is it that they a...

Skate Demo

2987d ago ... This weekend I gave the demo's to skate a try and here is my impressions on the game

Is the Hardcore killing the Industry?

2990d ago ... Now with saying this I do not mean the hardcore of owning every system and playing every game. I mean the hardcore of the one console elitists who's only ambition is seeing the other console burn into the fiery abyss of failure. Those are the hardcore in question.
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