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The Two Faces of Zoe

531d ago ... "Good" and "great" are seldom the same man. -Winston Churchill I've actually just heard of all of this, so I had to go through the text messages and some of the commentaries concerning Zoe. In terms of how she handled her personal and professional life I am actually kind of torn in how to criticize her actions. Obviously Zoe was not the ideal mate (or spouse, since in one of her posts...

One plus 3 equals 4

589d ago ... The XboX One isn't exactly burning up the charts like the 360 did last gen and the PS4 is looking very tough to beat in terms of sales. With superior graphics, more overall bang for your buck, and an earlier release date the PS4 has put The XboX one behind in numbers with the appearance of little chance of the XboX One catching up. The one advantage that the XboX can have over the PS4 is...

Why the Wii U Should be the Wii 2

599d ago ... "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - Juilet Cappelletti Romeo and Juilet Before any Wii fans protest to the notion that the Wii U should be NAMED the Wii 2, that is neither the thrust nor the theme of this article, I hope you all hang in there to get what this article is all about. The Wii U possesses the moniker of it's predecessor,...

The Potential for Cross Platform Gaming

611d ago ... Over the last few day at E3, there was a reveal that the game Happy Wars was supposed to be a cross-platform game and a number of gamers are cheering for finally being able to play people on another console. Even though the aspect of cross-gaming is hardly pursued, both developers and the big three console makers are obviously missing the advantages of gaming across platforms. First, there w...

How to Spot a Liar: the Green-Eyed Monster Strikes Again

818d ago ... “Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretense of keeping it alive. ” ― Havelock Ellis I give both Sony and Microsoft grief and praise when I feel they need them, so it's no secret that I was very upset about Sony charging for their online, talked about the PS3 being my last console, eventually being won over only to the degree of Picking up the PS4 in the future and not on the...

Lair Tutorial and Review... Better Late Than Never

1245d ago ... I've noticed a number of people scratching around and asking about this game either after buying it or just before buying it so I thought I'd put up a very old pre-updated Lair review about Lair to help people who want to up their bronze to silver gameplay to Gold stature. This Hyborian-like game got bad press for basically the nitpicking of glorified bloggers, and there are many cool thing...

Reggie's Right: Nintendo Didn't Lose the Hardcore

1336d ago ... I don't necessarily agree with the direction Nintendo is taking their company in terms of their console, but I understand it; it's a sound marketing strategy they've basically learned from their n64/gamecube transition while merging it with another target audience, but I still don't agree with it. Maybe my overall feelings will change some day, and I hope it does. What I do agree with is the fa...

Gaming journalism in ten nutshells

1939d ago ... Yeah, I haven't posted in five months to the day (if you give each month thirty equal days), so after reading about the ever-declining state of gaming journalism, I decided to post a quick top ten list of reasons that I've noticed as to why gaming journalism has turned to digital poo. If you are a writer and are offended, then good: I did my job. 10. Compare two games or the same game on dif...

All Shooters should use Elements of Killzone 2's Controls

2090d ago ... I know, I know... some people can't understand why having "laggy" controls will be a benefit in a shooter when you want responsiveness. You may also speculate that there may be some fanboyism behind the statement, but you can't be more incorrect. I'm talking from a center of enhancing the gameplay. The title for this blog sounds stupid for some, but let me explain how Killzone 2 was corrected,...

Who's Who in MAG Part 1: Soldier types

2144d ago ... Which kind of MAG player are you?

MAG vs Battlefield: Bad Company 2; a Tale of Two Betas

2273d ago ... A friendly observation of two of the biggest betas this year.

RandomXTX works for Turn 10: 99% Certainty and Proof

2330d ago ... RandomXTX is possibly identified given a path of digital breadcrumbs.

Contest: Who had the Best E3 Lineup?

2446d ago ... Vote for your Favorite Console Lineup of E3 '09

Bots, Droids, Cyborgs, and Bionics

2429d ago ... In a bit of a spit about the bot in the box? Here's the differences between the friendly robot moping your grandson's future floor and the not so friendly cyborg eating your spine.

David Jaffe: Vin D=Kratos!

2493d ago ... David Jaffe expresses his new choice of who he would like to see hold the Blades of Chaos in a hypothetical film.

A 'Reviewette' of Killzone 2

2537d ago ... Killzone 2 Review... well, kind of.

The Man Behind the Math: A Father of the Internet and the Cell Processor

2580d ago ... What do the Internet and the Cell Processor have in Common? The ideology of one mathematical genius.

The Biggest Double Standard This Gen Exposed

2591d ago ... HALO 3 and Killzone 2, trailers versus in-game: why both should be compared to their trailers, and why is the media is doing its job so poorly?
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