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Square's Epic Brand: A Final Fantasy 15 Story

900d ago ... The story of Final Fantasy has evolved over the years, each tailored to suit the current worlds graphics. Long ago, in the land of eight bit technology the Final Fantasy franchise was born, into a world filled with side scrolling army soldiers fighting helicopters, or motorcycle games based on how many backflips you could perform before you crashed repeatedly and eventually lost the race. It...

Reinventing the Past: The Guardian Legend.

930d ago ... Everyone has an old game from their childhood that they want to see brought back to life. Everyone has a personal favorite from circa 1989 (ish) through 1995. Mostly Nintendo consoles. Strictly speaking, not for 90's babies. A special place for those that were born in Circa 1980's, and played atari when their parents weren't home, when they played Nintendo at age five. Games have evolved...

Thoughts for Final Fantasy 15

934d ago ... Final Fantasy is a great franchise, but lately the games seem to be more and more scientific in their approach to actually building a game, and not so much the gusto that we all saw way back when. In the early days, it was about creating a game that gamers wanted to play, and there weren't a lot of bells and whistles when it came to creating a game. In the early days it was "go to the Chocobo...
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