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Zelda games are not RPG games

1473d ago ... A lot of people think Zelda is an RPG when its an action adventure game. The only Zelda game that was an RPG was Zelda 2: The adventure of Link. Just because its a fantasy game and you go on a quest doesn't make it an RPG. After all missions are the same as quest, we use the word mission instead of quests in games that take place in the modern age. Mission-a group or committee of persons sen...

Apple is not killing the portable market

1602d ago ... Everyone can agree on this, that half the articles on N4G are about Apple taking over the handheld market and those articles are usually written by idiots. They say look at he sails of the Apple products, but there are a few reasons they are so high. 1. They is popular 2. People think they are good because the Mac and PC ads. 3. They break easily, and when people get a refund they count t...
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