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Why I’d like to see Nintendo become a third party only games maker in terms of TV consoles

634d ago ... First of all, Nintendo’s position as maker of handheld machines has been relatively stable. My post is not in reference to handheld buyers at all. My post is to argue that Nintendo need no longer spend money on making the major TV consoles. The history of Nintendo as a major console maker (NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, WiiU) has, original Wii aside, been one of diminishing sales. The NES...

Bioshock 1 makes every player out to be a fool no matter what

745d ago ... At the start of the first Bioshock game you crash land in the Atlantic, not properly knowing who you are or why you've crashed. You know you're not quite a 'faceless protagonist' though - you see family photos, you're a smoker. You are meant to be a fixed 'somebody' not just 'anybody'. Similarly, in Bioshock Infinite, you are somebody. you can even see your own reflection early on. In bot...
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