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Gaming Musical Relevance... Not Just in the Industry?

1223d ago ... Every night when I go to bed, I set my radio to my local NPR station because they are the only ones that play Classical music throughout the night. I love music of all sorts, but really love Classical (plus, it puts me to sleep compared to music genres); it's just something about the many instruments coming together to orchestrate a melody. There is this one segment called 'Performance Today...

Future Gaming: Focus More on Gameplay than Graphics?

1621d ago ... You could argue with someone about when the next installations of consoles are coming in; and we already see the Wii U now. There are loads of rumors regarding the 'Xbox 720' or 'PS4' - so we might see future consoles in the coming years. When it's coming is anyone's guess, some may argue we are already in the next-generation since the Wii U 'is upon us'. I'm a bit optimistic of the future o...

Sometimes the disagrees make no sense here on N4G

1625d ago ... We all have opinions: I like the color green, I don't like raisins, I think LBP2 is a great game. There would be a ton of people agreeing with me, or disagreeing with me on these three points; I understand opinion. You can't change it, and your opinion isn't fact to others and vise versa. I comment on a select few of articles and such every few days, and follow all the gaming info on the site....
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