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Xbox Live Hacked by Anonymous?

957d ago ... An article from yesterday raised the idea that Xbox Live may have been hacked by Anonymous in retaliation for the rumours suggesting Microsoft's next console will be always-online. N4G mods have since changed the title and source, but you can see the comments do not reflect what the current title suggests. Source:

Nextbox: More Popular than PS4

966d ago ... ...and that's what Microsoft wants. The old adage: "No publicity is bad publicity" rings true for Microsoft as a result of the latest round of rumours regarding the next Xbox requiring an internet connection in order to play. Microsoft, without having spent a dime on a flashy presentation (or actual technology), have gotten the entire gaming world talking about the successor to the Xbox 3...

PS3 passes 360: M$ wins the generation

1043d ago ... Recent reports suggest that the PS3 has passed the Xbox 360 in sales. On N4G we've seen articles saying that it really doesn't matter, and we've seen users disagree. This blog is meant to explain all of these articles that all have titles along the lines of "PS3 passes Xbox, so what?" Back in 2005, it was common on the internet to see the fanboys of the day raving about how the Xbox 360 woul...
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