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"Oh boy."

Why you should play: NieR.

1711d ago ... Ah, NieR. An (apparently) low-budget game that saw unfaborable reviews, and that wasn't a success. Yet, it is one of the best games I've played this generation- a heart-wrenching story about a father, going through incredible ordeals, the only reason of doing so being his daughter's life. A game where characterization is incredible- one of the best-written, most charismatic characters in the...

Morality in videogames, and why it's awful (Most of the time)

1800d ago ... Ah, moral choices. We all know them. Usually, in videogames, they're represented as "Good" and "Evil" choices, which fill up one of the two meters for said representations of your choices, and affects the ending/game itself. However, in the first paragraph of this blog post, I already mentioned a FATAL flaw on these choices- the representation of "Good" and "Evil". I personally don't cons...

Stop the fanboyism!

1840d ago ... And here we go, with my second blog post; this time around, I'll be discussing another personal point of view. And no, this is not a retarded post intended to troll you, so stop overreacting and read on. As you may know by now, thanks to the big title up there, the main theme on this post will be fanboys, their glorified pieces of electronics, and their oh-so-stupid brand loyalty, as well as...

Uncharted 2 is NOT the best game this generation.

1845d ago ... Oh, Uncharted 2. A game that got an amazing amount of awards from everywhere- and in my opinion, well deserved. A title that was practically perfect on what it did, although it had one, ONE fatal flaw for me: I could not replay it. Uncharted 2 was a cinematic and set pieces-heavy game. It had things blowing up, it conveniently stopped you before this big piece of wood fell and crushed...
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