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"ACII Black Edition is finally mine!"

I Want My Boss Battles Back

1115d ago ... Ah boss battles: the classic checkpoint marker and definitive end to many games. But this generation their importance has started to dwindle as has the effort put into creating them by many developers, so where are boss battles now and what significance do they play in modern gaming? We have recently seen the introduction of Quick-Time Event boss battles, arguably the worst use of this lazy...

Why I think Assassins Creed Brotherhood is the worst of AC, and a worrying title for AC fans

1638d ago ... I know I'm going to get some (well, probably a lot) of heat for this but screw it I'll go for it anyway. Just so you know, there will be spoilers ahead about AC:Brotherhood itself and possibly ACII and AC. Lots of people have talked about what Ubisoft have achieved with the Assassins Creed series. Assassins Creed was a game that was in development for quite a while and was initially planned...

Your rights as a console owner

1896d ago ... Not exactly sure if this is the proper place to put this, and I hope this won't be seen as advertising because I just want to make sure that anyone that needs to know or that might need to know this information in any future time does so. Recently my PS3, which was an original 60GB, broke down on me due to YLOD. I've had numerous friends with the issue and have known many friends over the ne...

A day out at the Playstation Hub - Dublin

1955d ago ... I saw a flyer in the city center a couple of weeks ago about something called “Playstation Hub” happening in the city center itself sometime soon. I decided to go home and search it up a few days later and found out that Playstation had brought a taste of the PS Move to Dublin for a number of weeks and I was stoked. We rarely ever get anything here in Ireland like this and I was looking forward...
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