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"Play the games you want, on the consoles you have."

I went to a mini E3! And even tried Move!

2102d ago ... As I stated in my last post, I run a gaming store here in Montreal. I should clarify one thing, I don't own it, however I do not have a corporate shadow lurking behind me, what I do have is a Montreal real estate mogul with lots of money, and he lets me play with his money. I will be calling him Jack and we will be hearing from him in future posts because this guy is awesome. Anyways, letting m...

Pushing Start

2104d ago ... I have decided to start keeping a journal, for real this time. Sometimes it will be boring, sometimes it will be badly written, sometimes it will be overly dramatic for the stupidest things and hopefully, sometimes it will be funny. I suck at introductions but here is the low down, like you never read something like this before. I am a 31 year old male who loves video games as a whole. I...

Fanboy conversation of the week

2744d ago ... I weekly exposure of the Craziness surrounding rabid fanboyism on N4G.

Fanboyism, good or bad?

2766d ago ... After yet another futile game of PM tag with a fake account fanboy, I explode and decide to write my first blog with a cup of coffee before work.
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