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On EA Louse

1867d ago ... (Read the Louse's blog here: I’m not going to give you a diatribe about the whole EA Louse/IceFrog thing that started a few days ago. Game development is something I don’t know much about. But that’s the point of today’s post. How many gamers know anything about game development? EA Louse’s blog, for most, is a tiny peephole into the great, wide world...

On Copycats in Games

1952d ago ... For a while now I’ve been steadfastly defending my position as a gamer who absolutely hates cheap rip-offs. I hated World at War’s campaign for ripping off the plot of Saving Private Ryan. I hated Dante’s Inferno (so badly that I couldn’t finish the demo) for copying, literally, everything about of God of War, from the combos to the fucking color-coded chests that you had to button-mash to open...

The Game of the Year Thus Far

2272d ago ... Shaquil Hansford, staff writer at, raves about his pick for the game of this year so far.
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