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"Playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and StarCraft II (username Jgggfed char. code 491)"


2010d ago ... Has anyone messed with this BD audio option on his or her PS3? I enabled it, and ever since, I can watch a Blu-ray with DTS-MA audio and my PS3 downmixes and converts it in REAL TIME to Dolby Digital 5.1 which is compatible with my DD-only receiver over optical audio cable. That's awesome, because before that, my PS3 would only play DTS-MA blu-rays in stereo sound because obviously optica...

Family Ties

2014d ago ... In the latest Medal of Honor Trailer (Leave a Message), the soldier's name is revealed to be Jim Patterson. Most of you will recall that the name of the lead character in the early medal of honor games was Jimmy Patterson, and that it was presumed that he married Manon (from Medal of Honor: Underground). It is known that he proposed, but her answer was never revealed. So it is logical to...


2028d ago ... Alright, here it is: What is your favorite graphical effect used this generation? To start off, I'll say mine is Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. Really gives a lot of weight and grounding to objects you see in game worlds.

Get Real

2533d ago ... I am so sick and tired of all the mudslinging lately.

To all N4G Contributors

2550d ago ... I am sick and tired of N4G contributors who constantly (deliberately) find and post "news" articles pertaining to the imminent downfall of either the PS3 or the 360.

My PS3 TV Spots and Videos Part 2

2609d ago ... My next batch of videos I made for various PS3 TV spot concepts.

45-Second Killzone 2 TV Spot

2609d ago ... Hey guys, I just made this short TV spot for Killzone 2...check it out and let me know what you think.

Announcing The PlayStation LifeStyle Store

2617d ago ... We are proud to announce The PlayStation LifeStyle Store Check out our store for all kinds of PlayStation LifeStyle gear including T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and more! - PSP Theme Creation Contest

2712d ago ... Hello, and welcome to the "PSP Theme Creation Contest"!

My New Blog

2731d ago ... Since my initiation into n4g, I have evolved as a gamer, a PC owner, and as a person in general.

Linux Thread for N4G Members

2743d ago ... Hey everybody, I thought I'd post a blog here to let the more avid PC users out there know that there is now a permanent, pinned thread dedicated to informing people about the Linux operating system.

Owning Up

2745d ago ... Be nice!

Broken Mirror - Framerate Issues

2767d ago ... If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

10 Million + Points in PAIN Made Easy


Blog Reader's Profound Opinion on Mac vs Linux vs Windows - Good Read!

2777d ago ... This is an amazing blog comment written a few months back, regarding the comparing of Mac OS X to Linux to Windows Vista / XP. I know it's a few months old, but it struck me as so profound and so correct that I had to share it with you guys out there in n4g. Enjoy!

Ode to Me and n4g

2779d ago ... Who am I? I am me! I am a user on n4g!

Haiku for n4g

2780d ago ... At the request of another n4g user, here is a haiku I have written especially for n4g; the open zone in particular.

Ode to the Open Zone

2784d ago ... Open Zone, oh Open Zone.

Why can't anyone understand this?

2777d ago ... Can't anyone understand that Sony didn't "rip us all of" by not including rumble initially in the Sixaxis?

PlayStation Legion

2885d ago ... PlayStation Legion now up and running!
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