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"Loving LIfe"

Why is it always what PSN can do to match Live?

2150d ago ... Just some thoughts on why we never hear any discussions of what a silver membership with features equal to that of PSN could do to bring PS3 only owners on board.

Did HipHopGamer change or did we?

2153d ago ... HipHopGamer, you represent two things that I love and yet I feel you are degrading both. I wrote this in the hopes that you would change an readjust your site's direction.

Mad Catz Fightpad

2178d ago ... The MadCatz fightpad looked like a wish come true for a SF4 enthusiast that longs for a Saturn six button layout. Unfortunately, the controller is so unresponsive that it ultimately falls short of both the dualshock and 360 controller. Stay away.

The Video Game Warzone podcast (unlistenable)

2223d ago ... My thoughts on the Video Game Warzone podcast.

So I finally bought an episode of Qore...

2246d ago ... Not a bad idea, has potential, but as of right now it offers nothing I can't get elsewhere except the demos and themes.

Burnout Paradise...Ummmm....I'm not so sure

2552d ago ... Did they ruin a good thing in Burnout?

Grand Theft Auto IV is practically here

2552d ago ... GTA: Will it decide the winner of the next-gen battle?

DMC 4 for 40 bucks brand new!?!

2552d ago ... Just ordered DMC4.
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