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"Pixelated Sausage!"

E3 2010: Lack of Excitement

2070d ago ... I don't know if its the lack of big games, big games getting announced pre-E3, or all the emphasis on motion controls (and possibly 3-D), but I am just unexcited about E3. There are no games announced that I really care about and I fear I won't see much of what I am interested in: The Last Guardian, Deus Ex 3, and those are honestly the only games I can think of [that interest me]. Project N...

Random Thought: Spoilers

2075d ago ... Spoilers are the enemy. Spoilers are feared. Spoilers rhymes with boilers and boilers can get pretty hot when they're not taken care of... sort of like spoilers. I just wonder if there is, or ever will be, a solid opinion on when spoilers are okay. One month after release? Three months after release? Six months? A year? I, personally, don't really care. If a review spoils a few things, I...
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