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"All Hail The Hipno Toad!"

Immaturity of the community

867d ago ... So Eurogamer has wrapped up, and after 40+hours of having done promo work for DICE/EA on Battlefield 4, I can safely say that it was an unforgettable experience. The devs from DICE were simply hilarious to work with and the comradery you could see from all the devs as they talked and said what they looked forward to in the coming year was inspiring for me as a uni student to want to jump into t...

Dark Horse/Backburner Game?

929d ago ... Right I usually don't do blogs, or even post comments for that matter but thats besides the point,seeing as Pops and dedicated amongst other of you do quiet a few good blogs, I figured what the heck. Sure this blog will have nothing to do with the Phil Fish fiasco, which I have no idea nor the slightest interest in to be honest, instead this blog will cover what has been some of the top notc...
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