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Xbox 180: Why Doesn't Microsoft Just Give Gamers a Choice on What They Want for their Xbox One?

776d ago ... Recently, Microsoft have changed its policies meaning that you only ever have to connect to the Xbox One once which is during set up of the console, which is fair enough. You can also trade in games much like we do now, except the money goes to the store and not the publishers/developers. Microsofts previous policy would have done the opposite and would have give money to the publishers to do w...

Why I'm Glad the Xbox One Has It's Features and Problems

778d ago ... The Xbox One was announced back in May, and not many people were impressed. In fact, Microsoft had to go as far as to add fake applause to their presentation. The Xbox One has so many restrictions and silly features that: I'm actually glad they're doing it all. Now before you think to yourself "he's for the Xbox. Boo him", I'm not. I've yet to explain myself, so here goes. There are A LOT...

Microsoft's E3 2013 Conference - The Good, The Meh and The Bad

784d ago ... Usually, it's only Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony who get the bigger spotlights out of all the conferences, but this year, it was just Microsoft and Sony. In recent years, Microsoft's conferences have been... far from exciting. This year? Well. It was miles ahead, but even then, it still didn't get me pumped for much. They say this year is going to be a great year for gaming, and in terms of M...
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