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Good Is The New Bad

1762d ago ... So there have been some minor uproars over game review scores lately that have gotten enough attention to rise above the usual internet static. First was Hydrophobia's developer pitching a fit over it receiving some less than glowing evaluations. Then the developer of the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow title took issue with IGN delivering it a score of 7.5, which equates to "good" on their ra...

YouTube Ruins Everything

1837d ago ... Once upon a time, video games contained something called “surprise” and “challenge”. These are archaic monkey caveman words that you and I no longer use, because they have been replaced by words like “Google” and “smartphone”. However, there is one word that trumps all others in ruining the fun, excitement, and general interest of everything everywhere at all times. That word is “YouTube”,...

Checkpoints: Because You're Just Not Good Enough

1850d ago ... I recently purchased Demon’s Souls for my PS3. For those of you not familiar with the game, it’s a Japanese action-RPG that simulates torture. In Tokyo, I’m sure you could simply buy a ticket out of a vending machine to a club where someone would repeatedly burn you with cigarettes, but in the United States we have to make due with what is imported to us. After repeated sessions of total scr...
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