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"Working on Default Prime still, check it out to see a live stream of Portal 2 tonight"

Contest: Giving away two Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta Codes

2226d ago ... I'm giving away Uncharted 2 Multiplayer beta codes obtained at E3 this year, and all you have to do is make a tweet.

Why I Love It: Final Fantasy Tactics

2583d ago ... This is just something that I thought up of writing because I happen to love the Final Fantasy Tactics series, and I was just inspired to write it because of the newest one that recently came out on the Nintendo DS. If you see this on other sites, I didn't copy it, they're just posting the original story.

Next Golden Sun - DS or Wii?

2655d ago ... Okay, the first 2 were out for the GBA, and they were great games. They had tons of replay value, had a good story, characters and such, but what console are they going to come out on? Camelot has already said that they have been toying with the idea of a new Golden Sun, but for what console?

Will Mother 3 Ever Be Translated or Not?

2674d ago ... Will Mother 3 ever be translated in to English for us non-japanese people or not?

Will Retro Gaming Ever Becomeā€¦..TOO Retro?

2678d ago ... So, we have the retro of today, the PS1, NES, SNES, and so on, but a couple of generations from now, what will happen with the retro gaming that we know and love today?

We can all talk about it, but will Sonic ever be as good as it once was?

2682d ago ... So...will Sonic the Hedgehog ever go back to it's good old 2-D glory days? Will it ever re-vitalize and be good?

Is Game blogging more popular than traditional news websites?

2685d ago ... So, there's game blogging, and traditional news sites, but which is better? There's tons of ups and downs to both, but which one's better?

What's there for the Wii in the second half of the year?

2686d ago ... So, the Wii has had TONS of great releases this first half of the year, with some more good ones to come up, but what's there going to be for the second half of the year?

Will Wii ShovelWare ever stop?

2687d ago ... Wii ShovelWare....will it ever stop? You answer the question.

How To/ How I became a freelance gaming writer/blogger

2701d ago ... So you want to become freelance gaming writer/blogger, but you don't have a clue how to get started, or even what to do? Well, hopefully this will help you out with all of that, and will help you quick start your writing.

Is the Wii still a GameCube 1.5?

2705d ago ... Is the Wii still really a GameCube 1.5? After a year of solid sales, for mostly first party games, but also some good developed third party games, but people still neglect to see the Wii as a "next-gen" console.
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