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"The modern gaming industry thrives on deception, and mental manipulation."

The FF7 Remake Gameplay Argument

238d ago ... I just wanted to gather the main arguments coming from the action side of this war, and respond to them in kind. I've yet to hear a legitimate argument for the seemingly-wanted eradication of turn-based. You know what it all comes down to? Say it with me: "I don't like turn-based". That's fine, but that's just YOU. Millions of people do. Millions of people feel the same way about action...

The popularity of the AAA FPS has more to do with the AAA, and less to do with the FPS

663d ago ... Everyone seems to think that FPS and action games are the only genres that can be successful in the AAA space. But, why is that? Why, suddenly, are there only two genres capable of success, when we used to have a good variety of genres? Some will argue that "AAA" hasn't existed until the PS3/360 gen. I argue that "AAA" has always existed, and is simply defined by a developer pushing the t...
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