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Game BAFTAS 2013

996d ago ... I love awards season. Film, television, music, literature; I enjoy the celebration of all creative endeavours, not just in the singling out an eventual winner, but in bringing together the best an industry has to offer and opening everything up to debate. But was 2012 a vintage year for gaming? It’s a tough question to answer and opinion is certainly polarised. So it was with some trepidatio...

A night in DayZ

1188d ago ... 3AM. It’s raining outside. I’ve spent the last six hours putting together a budget gaming rig. Despite previous reservations, everything has come together without incident. All the components snapped together with relative ease and to my amazement the machine fired up first time. I’ve sat through installs of Windows 7, Steam, Arma II, Operation Arrowhead and DayZCommander, determined to get eve...

What Next For GAME?

1329d ago ... Despite a tumultuous six weeks and countless blogs heralding the demise of the high street retailer, GAME Group was rescued in a dramatic eleventh hour deal by OpCapita on April Fools’ Day. Whilst some have argued that the joke was on the white knight investment firm, recent events in other areas of the economy might actually turn the tide in their favour, provided they can streamline their...
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